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Episodi di The Odd Couple



Prima Stagione Sub Ita

1×01 Pilot
1×02 The Ghostwriter
1×03 The Birthday Party
1×04 The Blind Leading The Blind Date. Dani–
1×05 The Breakup
1×06 Heal Thyself–
1×07 Secret Agent Man–
1×08 The Unger Games
1×09 Sleeping Dog Lies–
1×10-11 Enlightening Strikes/Jealous Island
1×12 Scrooge Gets an Oscar

Seconda Stagione Sub Ita

2×01 All About Eavesdropping–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoVidToFlashX
2×02 And the Loophole–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×03 From Here To Maturity–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×04 Madison & Son–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×05 Oscar’s Overture–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×06 An Oscar Named Desire–OL(OFF)iDoWatchSI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×07 Make Room For Dani–OL(OFF)iDoWatchSI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×08 The Dinner Engagement–OL(OFF)iDoWatchSI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×09 Chess Nuts–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×10 Odd Man Out–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×11 Road Scholar–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×12 All the Residents’ Men–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX
2×13 The Ex-Factor–OL(OFF)SI(OFF)NowvideoWStreamFlashX

Terza Stagione Sub Ita

3×01 London Calling–OL(OFF)NowvideoVidToWStreamFlashX
3×02 Food Fight–OL(OFF)RapidvideoNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×03 I Kid, You Not–OL(OFF)RapidvideoNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×04 Taffy Days–OL(OFF)RapidvideoNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×05 Miss England–OL(OFF)RapidvideoNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×06 Eisen Trouble–OL(OFF)RapidvideoNvVidLoxVidToWStreamFlashX
3×07 The Odd Couples–OL(OFF)RapidvideoNvVidLoxVidToWStreamFlashX
3×08 Felix Navidad–OL(OFF)RapidvideoNvVidLoxVidToWStreamFlashX
3×09 My Bestfriend’s Girl–OL(OFF)DeltaBitRvNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×10 Should She Stay or Should She Go–OL(OFF)DeltaBitRvNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×11 Batman vs. the Penguin–OL(OFF)DeltaBitRvNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×12 The God Couple–OL(OFF)DeltaBitRaptuNvVidToWStreamFlashX
3×13 Conscious Odd Coupling–OL(OFF)DeltaBitRaptuNvVidToWStreamFlashX

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