The Guest Book

TBS’ The Guest Book has filled out its cast.
The new 10-episode comedy series from My Name Is Earl’s Greg Garcia has added Kellie Martin (Army Wives), Charlie Robinson (Hart of Dixie), Aloma Wright (Suits), Carly Jibson (Broadway’s Hairspray), Lou Wilson (Tween Fest), Garret Dillahunt (The Mindy Project), Laura Bell Bundy (Scream Queens) and Eddie Steeples (My Name Is Earl). The anthology-style show, written by Garcia and executive produced by him and Alix Jaffe, will premiere in August.
Martin will play Officer Kimberly Leahy, who serves on the police force in the small mountain town of Mount Trace. Robinson is Wilfrid, an easygoing, friendly gentleman who manages a group of mountain rental cottages with his wife, Emma, played by recurring guest star Wright. Jibson is Vivian, a tough, strong-willed woman who runs a bikini bar called Chubbys with her stepson Frank, played by Wilson.
The show, a co-production of CBS Television Studios and Turner’s Studio T, also has lined up a long list of guest stars. Among them: Danny Pudi (Community), Jenna Fischer (The Office), Tommy Dewey (The Mindy Project), Lauren Lapkus (Orange Is the New Black). Trama

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